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Due to recent service interruptions in e-mail services, and the measures taken to resolve these interruptions, there have been some minor changes to the way you access your e-mail. Please use your full e-mail address as your username to receive your mail, rather than just the user portion. This change applies only to your e-mail, not your dial-in username.
If your e-mail address was "", you would use that instead of just "example". If you have any questions, or need further assistance, please call our technical support line.

-- In Just A Minute Mail Administrator

In Just A Minute, Inc. is a parent company to a number of Internet Service Providers.

1CentInternet is a prepaid Internet service where customers pay one cent per minute and can purchase minutes in blocks of 1,000 ($10).  The unused minutes roll over from month to month so you actually pay for what you use.  This service is great for light Internet users who already have a free email address like Hotmail or Yahoo mail.

TXBI Internet service is a premium Internet service provider with various dial-up plans.  Plans ranging from "Unlimited" to 50 hours per month covers the majority of needs for most dial-up Internet users.

I2KDSL offers high-speed Internet in many cities throughout Michigan.  DSL works on your existing phone line and allows you to be on the phone and on the Internet at the same time.

I2KWireless gives high-speed Internet to those locations where traditional broadband Internet may not be available.

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